Intelligent optical cleaning machine (5 slot type) KME-GX01
Intelligent optical cleaning machine (5 slot type) KME-GX01

Product manual

大于号.png The parameters of each slot can be set according to different products, and only need to start it with one button.

大于号.png The cleaning function is powerful, including electrolytic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, heating cleaning, rinsing cleaning, overflow rinsing, spray cleaning, drying treatment and other functions, and these functions can be selected at will.

大于号.png The cleaning process is fully intelligently controlled, which can monitor the operating status of each tank equipment, electrolysis, ultrasound, cleaning fluid level, heating temperature, overflow status, drying temperature and other information.

大于号.png The automatic cleaning record function can check the related records of the cleaning mouth for convenient use next time.

大于号.png Safe and reliable performance, complete protection devices, insufficient cleaning fluid, insufficient ultra-pure water vapor, excessive cleaning temperature, insufficient air pressure, etc.

Applicable industry

大于号.png Optical industry: cleaning before and after coating and assembly of optical products such as optical molds, resin lenses, glass lenses, microscopes, telescopes, camera lenses, coated glass, prisms, lenses, etc.

大于号.png Optoelectronics industry: light guide plate, ITO conductive glass, LCD substrate cleaning, residual liquid crystal cleaning after liquid crystal film packaging.


Work process

Loading → 1 tank cleaning → 2 tanks pure water overflow rinsing → 3 tanks pure water overflow rinsing → 4 tanks spraying → 5 tanks drying → unloading




WeightPowerVoltageStandard cleaning basket loadCleaning tank capacity

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