Intelligent electrolytic mold cleaning machine KME-ZN30L
Intelligent electrolytic mold cleaning machine KME-ZN30L

Clean the surface of plastic molds: gas, resin, sulfide, carbide, toner residue, mold release agent, anti-rust oil, rust and other dirt. It can also be used to clean the surface of metal workpieces: oil, dirt, rust.

Applicable industry:

Computers, communications, connectors, light guide plates, optics,

Auto parts, semiconductors, medical equipment, new energy and other industries.

KME-ZN30L is suitable for:

Connector, light guide plate, camera, weak current,

Cell phone computer parts, clocks, medical equipment and other industries.


Product manual

圆点.png Intelligent, efficient, convenient, cleaning, electrolysis, heating, rinsing, and wind opening are fully automated with one button.

圆点.png The cleaning fluid is multi-stage filtered and cleaned and can be recycled.

圆点.png Clean the mirror without any dirt

圆点.png No damage to clean flowers

圆点.png Mould grooves, grooves, angles, blind holes, vent holes, screw holes, etc. are thoroughly cleaned

圆点.png Restore the true color of the mold, the surface is bright and clean.

圆点.png Excellent cleaning effect without any damage




Cleaning tank size


WeightPowerVoltageStandard cleaning basket loadLarge cleaning capacity
750*1350*960mm(Including casters)355*460*250mm230kg3000W220V40kg

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