Common faults of plasma cleaning machine and alarm processing methods
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1. Vacuum pump thermal overload protection, please check the circuit and vacuum pump failure

1. In this case, please observe whether the system parameters have changed first. Sudden power failure of the equipment will cause the system parameters to return to zero and cause such alarms.

2. If the system parameters have not changed, please confirm whether the thermal relay is automatically protected, press the reset button, and then start the vacuum generation system. If there is no automatic protection, please check the electrical circuit for short circuit or open circuit.

3. Check the electrical circuit for short circuit or open circuit.

4. If there is no abnormality above, please check the vacuum pump.

2. The pressure of the venting gas is too low, please check whether the gas is turned on or whether the gas is exhausted

1. If such an alarm occurs, please check whether the air solenoid valve used for breaking the vacuum at the bottom of the cavity is working properly, and whether there is a short circuit or open circuit in the circuit.

3. Vacuum pump failure (mechanical failure), please check the pumping capacity of the vacuum pump, and click the reset button for troubleshooting

1. The processed product has serious water seepage, the vacuum time equipment is short, and the background vacuum cannot be drawn within the equipment time.

2. Check whether the vacuum door is closed in place.

3. Check each connection point in the vacuum system step by step to see if there is a bad or damaged pipeline connection.

4. If the vacuum pump is faulty, check and maintain the vacuum pump.

4. Vacuum failure alarm, vacuum gauge failure or damage, please check and replace the vacuum gauge

1. Check if the vacuum gauge is damaged, and check if there is a short circuit or open circuit in the vacuum gauge control circuit.

5. The emergency stop is not reset or has been pressed, please turn on the emergency stop switch

1. Check whether the emergency stop is pressed, if not, please check the emergency stop line.

6. CDA pressure is too low alarm (low pressure of broken air)

1. This alarm is an insufficient compressed air pressure alarm, which mainly occurs in equipment equipped with high vacuum pneumatic flapper valves (GDQ). When this alarm occurs, it is necessary to check whether CDA is normally supplied to the equipment.

2. Confirm whether the air supply pressure is too high or too low, and whether the alarm value of the pressure reducing gauge is set correctly.

3. Check whether there is a short circuit or open circuit in the electrical circuit.

The above are common plasma cleaning machine failures and alarm methods

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