The principle of plasma surface treatment technology
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(A) Etching on the surface of the material

A large number of active particles in the plasma, such as a large number of ions, excited molecules, free radicals, etc., act on the surface of the solid sample to remove the original contaminants and impurities on the surface, and it will produce etching effect and change the surface of the sample. Rough, forming many tiny potholes, increasing the specific surface of the sample. Improve the wettability of solid surfaces.

(B) Activation bond energy, cross-linking effect

The particle energy in the plasma is 0-20eV, and most of the bond energy in the polymer is 0-10eV. Therefore, after the plasma acts on the solid surface, the original chemical bonds on the solid surface can be broken. These bonds in the free radicals form a network-like cross-linked structure, which greatly activates the surface activity.

(C) Form new functional groups

Chemical action If reactive gas is introduced into the discharge gas, a complex chemical reaction will occur on the surface of the activated material, introducing new functional groups, such as hydrocarbon groups, amino groups, carboxyl groups, etc. These functional groups are all active groups, which can significantly improve the surface of the material active.

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