There are 8 application solutions for common problems of plasma cleaning machine
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Plasma cleaning machine, also called plasma surface treatment machine, is a new high-tech technology that uses plasma to achieve effects that cannot be achieved by conventional cleaning methods. Plasma is a state of matter, also called the fourth state of matter, and it is not the common three states of solid, liquid and gas. Apply enough energy to the gas to ionize and become a plasma state. The "active" components of plasma include: ions, electrons, atoms, active groups, excited nuclides (metastable states), photons, etc. The plasma cleaner uses the properties of these active components to treat the surface of the sample to achieve cleaning, coating and other purposes.

There are 8 application solutions for common problems of plasma cleaners. Vacuum plasma cleaners are widely used in all walks of life. We summarize the 8 application solutions of plasma cleaners:

1. Surface cleaning solution In the vacuum plasma chamber, a high-energy disordered plasma is generated under a certain pressure through the radio frequency power supply, and the surface of the product is cleaned by plasma bombardment to achieve the cleaning purpose.

2. Surface activation solution The object after the plasma surface treatment machine has enhanced surface energy, hydrophilicity, improved adhesion and adhesion.

3. Surface etching solution The surface of the material is selectively etched by reactive gas plasma, and the etched material is converted into gas phase and discharged by the vacuum pump. The treated material has an increased micro-specific surface area and good hydrophilicity.

4. After the nano-coating solution is processed by the plasma cleaner, the plasma-guided polymerization will form a nano-coating. Various materials can achieve hydrophobic (hydrophobic), hydrophilic (hydrophilic), lipophobic (anti-fat) and oleophobic (anti-oil) properties through surface coating.

5. PBC manufacturing solution This actually involves the plasma etching process. The plasma surface treatment machine achieves the removal of surface colloid by PBC by plasma bombarding the surface of the object. PCB manufacturers use the etching system of the plasma cleaning machine to decontaminate and etch to take away the insulators in the drilled hole and ultimately improve the product quality.

6. Semiconductor/LED solutions. The application of plasma in the semiconductor industry is based on the various components and connection lines of integrated circuits. Therefore, dust or organic pollution is prone to occur during the manufacturing process, which is extremely easy to cause damage to the wafer. To make it short-circuit, in order to eliminate the problems arising from these processes, a plasma surface treatment machine was introduced in the subsequent process for pre-treatment. The use of plasma surface treatment machine is to better protect our products without damage In the case of the performance of the wafer surface, plasma equipment is used to remove surface organics and impurities. In the process of LED epoxy glue injection, pollutants will cause the bubble formation rate to be high, resulting in low product quality and service life. Therefore, avoiding the formation of bubbles during the sealing process is also a concern. After RF plasma cleaning, the chip and the substrate will be more closely combined with the colloid, the formation of bubbles will be greatly reduced, and the heat dissipation rate and the light emission rate will be significantly improved. Apply the plasma cleaner to the metal surface to remove oil and clean

7. TSP/OLED solution This involves the cleaning function of the plasma cleaner, TSP: the main process of the touch screen cleaning, to improve the adhesion of OCA/OCR, laminate, ACF, AR/AF coating and other processes Force/coating force, in order to remove bubbles/foreign objects, through the use of various atmospheric pressure plasma forms, various glasses and films can be treated with uniform atmospheric pressure plasma discharge to make the surface without damage.

8. Vacuum plasma spraying solution. Due to the high energy density in vacuum plasma, it can actually transform all powdery materials with stable molten phase into a dense and firmly adhered spray coating, which determines the quality of the spray coating It is the melting degree of the sprayed particles at the moment they hit the surface of the workpiece. Vacuum plasma spraying technology improves the efficiency of modern multi-functional coating equipment.

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