Development prospects of washing machine industry
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As a new and advanced cleaning tool, the washing machine is playing an increasingly important role in all walks of life. This equipment is widely used in many industrial sectors and service industries, which brings us to our production and life. It is very convenient, improves production efficiency and improves the quality of life. It is used to flush and filter the pollutants generated or invaded during the manufacturing, assembly, use and maintenance of the hydraulic system; it can also be applied to the regular maintenance and filtration of the working oil to improve the cleanliness.

Development status of washing machine at home and abroad

Washing machine is a type of typical modern equipment with advanced technology, outstanding features, wide range of use and rapid development among all kinds of automation equipment in the world today. The research and development of cleaning machine related technology has been carried out earlier in foreign countries. The research on cleaning process, cleaning method, cleaning medium, cleaning condition and cleaning object has become more and more mature. Together with the support of existing automation equipment technology, the development of cleaning machine products The process is accelerating. It has experienced several eras such as spray cleaning, immersion cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, evaporative degreasing cleaning and laser cleaning. Some foreign cleaning machine companies have introduced modular design into the research and development of cleaning machine series products. , While ensuring reasonable product matching and reliable quality, it reduces product costs and speeds up product development.

The high-pressure cleaning based on the in-depth research on the related technology of the cleaning machine spray system is a technology in the field of cleaning machines. Nowadays, the cleaning pressure of some high-quality cleaning machines abroad has reached 32MPa, far ahead of the domestic level. The flexible cleaning machine based on servo motor control and water temperature and water pressure control technology realizes the flexible cleaning of different structural parts. The ultrasonic cleaning machine based on ultrasonic radiation technology improves the cleaning efficiency while not damaging parts and ensuring cleanliness. Its single-piece cleaning speed can reach tens of seconds.

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