KME mold waterway cleaning machine-SL02 (double trough type)
KME mold waterway cleaning machine-SL02 (double trough type)


Eight-way cleaning at the same time, strong pressure pulse blasting force, large flow rate, built-in double tank, equipped with booster device, multi-function protection device, alarm design for high water pressure, insufficient air pressure, high temperature, water shortage, etc., PLC control system stable efficiency High-definition, high-definition touch screen, cleaning memory function to check the parameters of the cleaned mold and call formula. After the cleaning is completed, the water pipes are treated with air rods, which have the function of preventing rust. After the air is dried, the mold pipes are treated with water-based anti-rust liquid to achieve thorough cleaning and prevent the generation of rust in the pipe wall.


大于号.png Stable thermal conductivity

大于号.png Four-way cleaning at the same time, short cleaning time

大于号.png Pneumatic pulse blasting, clean rust and dirt thoroughly

大于号.png Flow monitoring, always grasp the effect of waterway cleaning

大于号.png Energy saving and high efficiency


Product manual

圆点.png Automatic positive and negative chemical liquid cleaning, clean water rinse, air drying and pulse blasting functions to ensure the best cleaning effect

圆点.png The cleaning process is fully intelligently controlled, which can monitor the operating status of the equipment, real-time flow, pressure, liquid level and temperature.

圆点.png Mold cleaning automatic record function, can check the records of the cleaned mold.

圆点.png The performance is safe and reliable. Multi-faceted protective equipment configuration, excessive water pressure, insufficient air pressure, insufficient cleaning fluid, etc.

圆点.png Multi-stage filter cleaning fluid can be recycled.

圆点.png Save energy and improve the quality of finished products

Actual effect comparison



Cleaning process


Dimensions(W*D*H)Cleaning tank capacityWeightPowerMaximum working pressureMaximum discharge volume of filter pump
550*1550*1150mm(Including casters)50L;50L



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