Horizontal plasma treatment system KME-SP1000L
Horizontal plasma treatment system KME-SP1000L
Designed for circuit boards to clean soft boards, hard boards, flexible and hard boards, etc., horizontal test cleaning, good activation effect, and strong glue removal ability.


大于号.png The surface of the circuit board is activated to improve the bonding force between the hole wall and the copper plating layer

大于号.png Chemical immersion gold, finger and pad surface cleaning before plating

大于号.png Surface roughening and activation of silica gel, plastic, polymer

大于号.png Circuit board through hole, blind hole, buried hole degreasing

大于号.png Surface roughening and cleaning of electronic materials


大于号.png Horizontal electrode design can meet the processing needs of soft products

大于号.png Reasonable plasma reaction space makes the processing more uniform

大于号.png Integrated control system design, easy to operate

大于号.png Good safety, multi-functional safety protection

大于号.png Low energy and gas consumption products

Use range:

大于号.png Circuit board industry, LED photoelectric industry, semiconductor IC industry, mobile phone manufacturing industry, silicone, plastic, polymer industry, solar photovoltaic industry


Plasma treatment effect

圆点.png Plasma test: glue removal in the hole



圆点.png High TG, high aperture ratio, cleaning effect after removing glue in the hole


Plasma test: remove carbon black in laser hole



Machine name

Horizontal Plasma Treatment system Machine (Plasma)

Machine modelKME-SP1000L
Machine specificationsHorizontal 15 floors
DimensionsLength*Width*Height=1850*1610*1925, cavity aviation aluminum alloy
Structure and composition

Vacuum generation system, man-machine interface, electrical control system, vacuum chamber, plasma generator, etc.

Power system

40kHz plasma source

Control SystemTouch screen + PLC automatic control + water cooling system

Intake system

2-6 working gas options: Ar, N2, H2, CF4, O2, compressed air

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